Gears 4 Developer Playlist should NOT be on Hardcore.

The reason players quit Horde Developer Playlist is because it is pandering to the pro and elite players now.  There is NO fair reason for it to be on Hardcore.  They quit for 2 fold reasons.

1.  Once new players to the game realize its Hardcore now, they back out.

2.  Once HC or Insane players realize the lobby is full of new Gears players, they know they cant make it to 50 on HC and back out.  You can watch them freeze after we load into the game to check the other player ranks…then haul arse if they dont like what they see.

Me and my friend spent 2 hrs trying to get a match and we DO like insane play – but still feel strongly that this is NOT fair to all players who paid the same SP $.

Last double xp Developer Playlist ..was normal and we NEVER had issues finding a full team match.


New server-side Gears 4 updates list

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Yay!  Private matches now have a 30 minute idle (pause) time!!!  Read above for more tweaks.