Black Ops 3 campaign co-op


Just starting the Black Ops 3 campaign co-op.

I’m was hoping the collectibles would still be visible to the person that already had it, but that is not the case.  If you are helping someone collect, then you have to blindly remember where they are.

There IS the ability to revive your teammate and if one dies, there is respawn.  But be aware that the revive process is long and its easy to die trying to save your friend.

Game save has been the biggest disappointment.  Unlike Gears where you can select Act then Chapter – or hit continue….in Blops 3 co-op lobby, if you hit ‘continue’, it loads the solo campaign of the host.  So you HAVE to finish each mission before you quit playing because you are forced to start from the beginning each time.

The missions are long and since our focus on the first run-through is collectibles, we averaged 2 hours per.  (We are detailed hunters.)  On our “realistic” run through, this may make it tougher. Time will tell.

(More game review later)

Blops 3 Freerun Sidewinder


Holy crap this one was a nightmare!   She slides down the walls.  So the trick is to keep pressing the jump and regrab higher up.   At the end,  squeeze your butt checks because then you also have to shoot, jump, regrab, bounce from wall to wall like spiderman and then climb out.

Blops 3 Freerun course while game installs


This is nice. They set the training so you can start working in it WHILE the campaign is installing.  Do the basic course first,  then three more will unlock.   I surprised myself with how well i did on the first part of the course.   It was the last tiny bit that i kept failing on and suffering time penalties.

This also confirms for me that multiplayer is going to be like trying to shoot monkeys out of treetops…impossible.   Between the new Pro players and the illegal 10 year olds….I’m going to be the new face for spawn fodder.