Sims3 takes over house!

#Sims3 has spread like a virus through our house, lol. I got it with my new #xbox360 and then bought the PC version for hubby. Now son is hooked. Looks like I may have to get a 3rd copy for my #PS3 lol.

#COD #blackops #spiro #crashbandicoot #tetris #mariobros and many others have shared that honor in my massive multi console game library. Most of the multi purchases were due to console versioning with #playstation and #nintendo #wii

Now that I have the trilogy, lol, I am especially thankful for my #playstationplus membership. So many freebies of the old favs! Great tip for you, if you haven’t upgraded your membership yet. Totally worth it.

PS3 network down makes me buy a xbox

After a week of missing my online multiplayer games due to PS3 network being down, I got a Xbox. Doubled up on Black Ops and got Sims, Bulletstorm and Portal 2. I’m making mental adjustments using the contoller but I think I like the ‘trigger’ assignments better.