Duck Tales Remastered


I was surprised at how much fun this game is!   It plays almost exactly like the original Mario.   Great game for young,  new gamers starting out.  I am enjoying it.  It’s a nice break from the mature and serious “over 18” games.

Prototype 2 on PS3


I just started playing the free game for PS Plus members,  Prototype 2.  Bummer it has the same small font issue that makes you learn the game almost blind.   I usually delete because the frustration of not being able to read the story elements takes all the fun out… but this one is juuuust readable enough so far. 

Movement is a little clumsy,  but it is an old game.   And the button combos that you have to memorize sit right on the edge of annoying.  But I just got claws!   Tease me with Wolverine – anything – and I’ll hang a bit longer.

Small font in COD Advanced Warfare


I don’t why they make the font so small in some games that you can not read it.  This has never been an issue in past COD games.  So much of Advanced Warfare I have not been able to figure out just because i can not read the instructions.  And the gaming community on Xbox is not friendly and helpful like on PSN.  If you try and ask other players for help you are bombarded with bully insults.   The only help I’ve found with the unreadable instructions have been via web searches.

The Raven review


The Raven appeared to have all of the elements i enjoy in a game,  however…the cutscenes that they are so proud of are paralyzing.  Pay attention to their comment in the game description,  “cinematic presentation with hundreds of camera angles and dozens of cutscenes. ” before you download.  I couldn’t take it and deleted before i even got to the first mission.

Destiny demo review 1 st impression


This is my new Destiny avatar.   This demo is pleasantly long.  After you get through a basic level of shooting baddies, you arrive at a place that feels very much like PSN Home’s social environment.  In fact,  seconds after the screen loaded,  i was getting friend invites and random messages.  This put my guard up as its the whole reason i don’t go to PSN Home.  Let’s see what else it has….

Dishonored – hated the ending


I just finished Dishonored and was very disappointed with the ending.   I enjoy games with happy endings -or at least,  and i get to be the hero.  This game took any desire away to buy dlc’s to extend my game.

And i expected to be able to go back and finish collecting,  but just like Dragon Age, the credits roll and your play is over.   I wish developers would allow us to fall in love with these games by finishing the main missions and then explore explore explore.  With that kind of playability,  you look forward to buying every dlc offered.   When they slap your hand. .”oooop, your done playing! “…you don’t want to put anymore effort in.

Disliked Oblivion as much as Skyrim


Well i finally got so pissed off that i deleted the game.  I hate it for similar reasons as Skyrim:  Too much

time has to be spent in menus.  Some character steps in front of you during a fight and you accidently kill him,  then you are kicked out of that guild and have to load an old save and lose all play.


I didnt realize i was still in crouch when i approached a guy involved in the current mission… He attacked me.. I killed him… Kicked out… Load save and replay.   Stuck in rocks… Load save,  replay.  Go to jail.  Go to jail.  Go to jail.   Find cool stuff… Drop cool stuff,  because bag is full.   You want to go one way… Horse goes other way.  You pay 1000 for horse.  Bear kills horse 30 sec later… Reload old save.
I know they are hugely loved,  but Elder Scrolls games are not for me.  I love the character customization –  huge fun.   But thats it.

Mars demo

I thought  this was more of a shooter but its a fighter / rpg Open World game.   Its a dark dirty environment much like,  Rage and Borderlands.   I dont know why game creators dont make more games with bright,  beautiful and visually appealing landscapes in the rpg genre.   You CAN kill baddies and be a badass super hero in front of a soothing waterfall,  beautiful jungle or green field.

I love sword fighting but i don’t have the time to spend learning 100 button combos to play fighting-type games.   So although the main character is uber-cool… I wont be playing this one.


Game of thrones deleted

Game of thrones is another one of those games where you can not read the font or see the menus.   I have tried every tv,  console and game video setting with games like these and they are  just not playable.   Nothing works.  It’s a shame really.   Anyway… I gave up today and deleted it.