Dragonage 2 vs. Fable 3

Well I finished the campaign in #dragonage2 today. I quite enjoyed the game and found it to be very similar to #Fable3 with just a few differences.

In #DragonAge2 you can customize your avatar, which would be a fun option to have in #Fable3. I found the environments and characters in #DragonAge2 to be less ‘cartoonish’ than #Fable3, but the big disappointment came after the credits rolled.

I expected to go back and finish secondary missions and relationships, but was very sad to find ‘game over’ isolation to my estate. There is nothing more you can play unless you buy additional DLC’s. The only re-playability offered is to build a new character and start over.

#Fable masters re-playability and adds multi-player coop fun as well. On top of it, each DLC purchased is a continuance of your game. A mark #DragonAge2 missed completely. You can also enjoy building families, marriages and relationships in the #Fable games and even tinker around as a real estate mogul.

#fable has guns and #dragonage has arrows. Both have magic, swords, shields and a pet dog! There’s lots of fun in both for us ‘collectors’ and #trophyhunters but beware in #dragonage…finish collecting before you move to last main mission, as you can not go back.

Just like #Fable3, you can be straight, gay or bi-sexual in #dragonage3, but you don’t have much control over relationships and the whorehouse just takes your money…then insta-cuts to you standing in a room alone, lol.

Overall, I am hoping that the #Fable franchise gets their heads out of their asses and makes the new/upcoming game available for those of us that don’t/can’t use kinect. Horrible business decision.

And I will definitely buy the new #Dragonage3 that they are working on. I will also buy the 3 available DLC’s to extend the game further. I recommend both games and all the DLC’s.


Really enjoying my new game Homefront. Half way thru the campaign since starting it yesterday. Usually like to finish it first but being a fan of COD, I had to jump online.

Fun! Fun! Fun! Gameplay. Gets better as you learn the maps of course, but the 5 vehicles you get to drive are sick!