Devs: Stop putting Chevos-Trophies in list for dlc’s we don’t have

I just spent another hour trying to find out why my chevo doesn’t pop for the Witcher 3 achievement  that says “drink 7 potions at once”.  I found many gamers online confused and asking the same question.  Well guess what?!  It’s part of an expansion pack (dlc) that we don’t have but it was added to our chevo list anyway.

This is just wrong and needs to be fixed.   So here are two solutions for you devs:

1. Some of us are trophy hunters and pride ourselves in coming as close to 100% game completion as we can.  It’s very frustrating to see your 95% (or what ever you had) suddenly drop to 70% because you didn’t buy add-ons to the game!   What if we don’t want the add-on?  It’s not fair.   Add them to the list with the dlc.

2.  We don’t KNOW we are wasting precious game play time from our busy lives on something unattainable.   The chevos are in our list but are not marked as “dlc must be purchased”.  Separate them or mark them.


Wolf Soul on fire


We were showing Wolf Soul where the elemental clever is on Jacinto in Gears of War 3 when i took this pic. He looks very cool.

To get the clever, you shoot 4 specific rain gutters on 4 different buildings; buy the boomshot in the middle of the map at the edge of the glowy river; boomshot the gutter on the wall above the river and then wait for the next wave. Then buy the hammer of dawn (same place you bought the boomshot) and fire it into the river. A walkway will rise. Make sure you do it long enough. Then you will be able to walk across and get the glowy elemental clever.


Gears 3 chevo hunting party!