Gears 3 chevo hunting party!

Chevo hunting with my Gearhead buddies today was a full-out Whoopfest!  We set out to get the 5 Onyx Guard chevo (Kill Locust Like a Boss), which as been alluding us for a long time.  It is much harder than you think to get 5 gamer peeps together that ALL have the dlcs and are ALL online at the same time.  But finally…me, Storm, Wolfy, Cap and Dman made it happen!

And then we decided to cease the opportunity and go for the 5 Recruit Claytons (Come to Poppa!); 5 Savage Marauders (Locust, Forever!); 5 against a Zerker (Force Multiplier), 10 Waves of Zeta (Zeta Team, Go!) and to top it off…the Beast on Insane onyx medal!

We had SO much fun, that we had our own little photoshoot afterwards…


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