Let the Scout pick up the power in Gears 4 Hoard

Thank you to EeriestFriend33 (gears 4 forum) for his excellent explanation on how a team should utilize their scout!  Bravo.  Well stated.

“Everyone gets a pickup bonus during an active wave. Scout has DEPOSIT bonus, which is what makes him important.

This is true. You did see 59 power instead of 40 during the wave by picking it up. It is not true that you get the same numbers as a Scout though.

Please consider that the scout would see 59(59) on pick up during the wave due to Scout getting double pickup during the wave, for a total of 118.

On deposit with the Scout 50% bonus card, the Scout returns 177 power to the fabricator vs your own return of 59 power.

It really helps the team overall to help Scouts gather power. If a wave ends, stand near power and if you don’t have a microphone, shoot your pistol at the power still available. Scouts will hear that and learn that you are assisting them in locating the power. If the count down reaches 5 or less, you are still close enough to gather it if the Scout is not in proximity.”


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