back to Blackops

I was out for awhile dealing with life matters, but finally got back to #Blackops this weekend. A bit rusty, so I spent the weekend at the training grounds with the occassional check-in at MP.

I’m still having trouble getting the habits reformed using the default-alt button settings. Now my #xbox and #ps3 match but the fingers are being stubborn, lol. So that has effected my kills stats along with my playing absence.

Good news though! I finally figured out where you need to be on the difficulty level in Training to stand a chance in Multi-Player without being slaughtered by the Veterans…and that is Hardline.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of sites/blogs giving excellent advice from Expert players. This is coming from the perspective of a Noob to #FPS. I jumped in from a 20 year history as a platformer, poker and strategy gamer. Its been a tuff learning curve, lol. Thankfully I found a FPS expert that trains… @LethalFrag check him out. Recruit: 2.5 – 3 KD all day. At Regular: 1 – 1.7 and at Hardline: .5 – .8

This was big for me, because I was neive to the difference in gaming between playing AI’s and real players. For months I struggled with the ‘why’…how could I do so well in Training and then suck SO bad in MP.

Compare your difficulty level to see where your work should be. Then go back to MP and see if you’ve improved.

Xbox360 vs PS3 vs WII

Finally had a bit of time to play today and the #360 kept freezing up?! Now that I’ve had a few weeks to use it, I am able to better compare consoles.

I don’t care for the WII at all. I don’t play it ever, but my kids and their friends play the group games, so I feel better about that investment. And all of these consoles are just that…an investment…reaching $500-1000 by the time you add in all the ‘stuff’ you need and the initial games you get. The #xbox and #PS3 have their pros and cons but I prefer the #PS3 for several reasons.

Its not just rumors, the #xbox machine itself has obvious mechanical faults in its design. There is nothing more frustrating to a gamer than to have a top-scoring game freeze up on you. I’ve been through it with the #PS3, but only during #COD multiplayer online. No other game and never during any campaign/offline play.

I find the #xbox contollers heavy and prefer the #PS3 there too. ‘Prestige’ players of #FPS games all tell the glory of the joysticks of the #xbox for that genre. I haven’t played the two #FPS games that I bought with my #xbox enough to comment on that yet. I will say that within minutes of playing #bulletstorm and #blackops on the #xbox, I am a convert to the lower trigger setup, which you can easily change in ‘options’ on the #PS3. (Instead of firing with the upper L1/R1, you use L2/R2.)

For kids, I understand how the User Interfaces on the #WII and #xbox would be appealing with the animated avatars. For me, I like the clean and simple #Playstation panel, where I can get to where I want to go fast and fly through my 60+ downloaded games to find the one I want to play.

What a wonderful world it would be if you only had to buy 1 game disk to be used on ANY console? And you could play online with ALL your friends regardless of which machine they had? That will never happen, but then again, how many gamers out have more than one console like me? I’m sure most gamers are just happy with what they have and don’t question it. So this article is for all you ‘collectors’ like myself, lol.

I will add…with gaming now moved to ‘online’ play in popularity and all the server issues that come with the territory, I am grateful to always have a playing option. My gaming time is limited with work. When a network goes down like we have seen with #xbox and #PS3, it can be quite some time before they are restored. Now I have friends on both sides to play with!

Sims3 takes over house!

#Sims3 has spread like a virus through our house, lol. I got it with my new #xbox360 and then bought the PC version for hubby. Now son is hooked. Looks like I may have to get a 3rd copy for my #PS3 lol.

#COD #blackops #spiro #crashbandicoot #tetris #mariobros and many others have shared that honor in my massive multi console game library. Most of the multi purchases were due to console versioning with #playstation and #nintendo #wii

Now that I have the trilogy, lol, I am especially thankful for my #playstationplus membership. So many freebies of the old favs! Great tip for you, if you haven’t upgraded your membership yet. Totally worth it.

PS3 network down makes me buy a xbox

After a week of missing my online multiplayer games due to PS3 network being down, I got a Xbox. Doubled up on Black Ops and got Sims, Bulletstorm and Portal 2. I’m making mental adjustments using the contoller but I think I like the ‘trigger’ assignments better.