Gears of War 3 Major Malfunction medal


Yay! I finished the campaign on Insane!  I mostly did it alone with the AI’s, but got some help from a couple gamerpals on a few chapters.   I love the medal’s title, Major Malfunction.

Since the AI’s don’t die,  it IS easier to do on your own.  Just let them crawl like little doggies to you when they go down.   No heroics.  Insane mode is about surviving.  Hang back and keep in cover.  Take your time.

Hanging by a Thread; the chapter where the Formers attack in the courtyard (and then plaza); and lastly, the “Bug Bitch” as we called her in the last chapter proved to be the hardest.

Xbox One Gears of War bundle & Turtle Beach




I’m in the middle of refurbishing my house, so i was going to wait to get the next gen console.  But after selling an extra car and making my decision on x1 vs ps4 (I’m writing an article on how i made that decision), I got the Xbox One Gears of War bundle.

Best Buy was having a crazy sale on their own tvs, so i got two 40″-ers for the price of one!  One is for the X1 and one for the Xbox360/PS3.  I also got a second Turtle Beach headset for the X1, since the Gears version doesn’t come with headsets.  There was some gripe about that from forum posters, but i didn’t care, because i like to use Turtle Beach.  I had a wired headset so i got the wireless this time.

I have a new crush on Gears ever since a gamerpal Waigaye introduced me to the franchise last year.   With this bundle,  you get am amazing re-digitized version of Gears 1.  After my initial introduction to gears,  I immediately bought all the dlc’s for the 360.

With this X1 bundle, you also get to participate in the Gears 4 beta.   Plus, X1 made the Gears franchise top priority in their new backwards compatible games list.  So i will be able to play all gears games (through Judgement) on my X1.  I don’t plan to get rid of my 360 as I have good friends on that console,  but that’s another plus.

Gears 3 insane


Yay! I completed Act 1 on insane!  Just 4 more to go.  Hint: on Hanging by a thread, run LEFT off the zipline not right like many gamer sites tell you to do. Hide behind the wood pallet.  Throw granades.  Pallet will be torn apart by the baddies, so run like hell forward to the guardrail or to other cover.

Also…do it in Campaign standard not arcade.  It throws less baddies in the mix.  you get credit for each chapter you do on insane no matter if its standard or arcade.  So you can skip around.  You dont have to do them order.