COD 3 Beta review



I dont know if I should call myself “Lucky Bitch” or “Unlucky Loser”.  I setup my new X1 and headed over to try out the COD 3 Beta when I’m met with a message,  “….enjoy the last day of beta.”  What?!  Crap.

I was so disappointed in Advanced Warfare that I started up the beta with low expectations.   I wish they would have given you even a minute of ‘training’, as death is the only way to figure out buttons and functions as you are thrown in the fire.  But it’s a beta.  The game will have a training area somewhere.

I was actually impressed with the handling of the basic weapons.  Even without attachments, you can spend more time enjoying the play instead of shouting explitives because the gun kicks like…well, a bull on Rocky Mountain Oyster harvesting day.

I was also disappointed to see the inclusion of the jetpacks.  Add the grappling and running on walls with steel armour and the original feel and enjoyment of COD is gone.  They should call it “COD wed Halo and had Space Marine babies”.  Each one of these games offer a different enjoyable experience…mixed together its mud.

What you heard is true. ..the graphics are amazingly beautiful  and the avatar control is creamy smooth.  At first,  I thought there was 1 female but it appears there are more.   It’s hard to tell in the character selection page.   Some of the faces were a male/female blend.  One looked like the hooded character from AC and that turned out to be female.

It was all enough to convince me too give COD another chance (I have all but quit playing after AW) when it comes out, but my severe disappointment was they didn’t fix the same Multiplayer shinanigans…spawn trapping.  I literally could not play more than 4-5 matches before i gave up due to spawn, die and repeat indefinitely. 

Gears fixed it with Spawn Protection.  Surely all the geniuses working on COD could come up with something.  I honestly don’t know how the COD Managing Group entices new gamers to their franchise.  Novices (noobs) don’t stand a chance of learning how to engage in MP, when there are so many veterans of the franchise exercising poor gamesmanship and rendering MP unplayable.

Im not alone in my feelings about the spawn trapping issue and the sci-fi equipment additions.  These are the same reasons why all my gamerpals also gave up on AW and have no intent to throw down $120 for another COD game (game & 4 dlcs) until they hear that some fix has been made.

I most definitely will buy the game for the campaign and private play.  However, its doubtful changes will be made to lure me into MP.  I DID read somewhere that there will be online coop!  If true, this could save it.  Like our group of gamerpals in Bjamerland, there is nothing more fun than playing thru the Gears campaign or setting up private matches with your fav friends to work on cheevos together.