Gears 4 beta – Bjamer reviews


Its still a shotgun game if you want kills but they finally work!  I was disappointed the lancer still doesnt kill anything and its really difficult to get a chainsaw execution.  The new version of the boomshot is the only map weapon i could beat the race to and it was pretty much the same.

Graphics are impressive but most enjoyable is the improvement in movement. Only glitch I found is that after spawn the camera moves upward and you need to pull it down after running forward a bit.

Skill based ranking is a blessing!!!  You play 5 matches at first load and then it matches you to equal players.  You can actually enjoy playing without the frustration of being pitted against pro players and the spawn-die – spawn-die!  I saw peeps trying to wall bounce but they were unsuccessful.  Umm….maybe smiley face?

My fav and most fun hands down was the new co-op TDM hardcore against AI’s.  Peeps are working as a team and those AI’s are NO JOKE!  Its a ton of fun!